¿How to sponsor a girl?

The monthly support for each girl is Q.1,000.00.  Notwithstanding, a godfather or a godmother may invest Q.100.00 monthly for their goddaughter which is the minimum amount to cover their minimum and most immediate needs.

It can be done in the following manner:

1. You choose the amount to deposit in monthly basis.  You can use any of the amounts that appear in the CONTACT US link.

2. Once the deposit has been made, you can directly write the info@hogarnuestrasenoradelosremedios.com.gt (or fill out the form that appears in the CONTACT US link) indicating the deposit number so we can identify your support and to destine the amount to your granddaughter.

3. At the moment of receiving your deposit, you will receive a mail with the picture of the girl you will be sponsoring, and also a brief history of her.  Monthly, you will be receiving information about her progress in school, her growth, etc.


Age range girls of the home

15 a 23 años
0 a 11 años
Pre Adolescencia
11 a 15 años