Thanks to the support of Probigua Switzerland Association, in November 2014, the classrooms of Our Lady of Los Angeles School were inaugurated. At present, we teach pre-school, elementary and secondary school. In 2018 we will be implementing the Bachelor degree.

For the school, we need teachers, school supplies, uniforms, shoes, tennis shoes, etc.

2021 Professionals

When having ready the construction of the nursery, psychology, dental office and administrative area, it is necessary to have a professional person to work in the Home, at least once or twice per week, to check on the girls, therefore, it has been considered to have a medical doctor, a dentist and a nurse (full time, from Monday thru Friday), as well as a secretary. The necessary budget to pay the professional services that will attend the Home during the year 2016 is US$28,472.57 which means Q.213,544.27

Scholarships For 2018 Studies

Change the future of a girl!

We need 28 scholarships to cover the cost of registration and tuition of 28 girls and ladies, who are currently studying a career in the high-school degree and 5 of them are studying a university career. We also have 5 ladies who will study the bachelor career for adults. Each scholarship is equivalent to Q.2,500.00 which covers the tuitions from January to October (this amount does not cover school supplies, only tuition).

THANK YOU for your generosity!


Perimeter Wall

In December 2013, we had the sad experience that burglars got into the Home through the Livingroom of the first floor of the main building. In this case, they took the computer from the principal’s office, several USB that were in the office, two digital cameras and money that was on the desk. The experience was very painful, since it scared the girls and the Sisters and caused them emotional damages. In December 2014, again, burglars got into the Home, specifically into the warehouse that is used as the Store. They took products that were on sale and money they found. During the year 2015, robberies were frequent, since there were hens, pigs, etc., burglars constantly robbed them. Once they were caught infragante and the complaint was presented to the Police. The Police arrived and caught them, and they were presented before a Judge, who requested a proof of what has been robbed, the Sisters had to take the hens they were robbing. Unfortunately, the Judge determined that since they were under age, they could not be incarcerated, and they were released. During last September, again, burglars tried to get into the Home, but they couldn´t since we called the Police to check on the surroundings of the Home. Therefore, the perimeter wall is one of the projects needed to protect the safety of the girls and the Sisters of the Congregation.


Expansion Of Our Lady Of The Angeles School

At first, the school was built for elementary education. As we had the first school year experience, and considering that the girls from elementary school, during the year 2015, only attended school a total amount and no more than 50 days, it is decided to expand the teaching coverage in the pre-school, elementary and bachelor grades. This forces us to expand the school, which would be considered in a teachers´ room, a principal´s office and a Library-Bookstore space.
The budget needed for this expansion is US$30,000.00 this means Q.225,000.00.