The Home serves an average of 100 girls, who range between 0-22 years. A high percentage come from the different Courts of the Childhood and Adolescence of the country, among them Jalapa, Jutiapa, Santa Rosa, Chiquimula, San Marcos, Izabal, etc. Girls have been victims of physical and psychological abuse, malnutrition, intrafamily violence, incest, rape, abandano, etc. Girls are also received in conditions of extreme poverty.


Although girls are referred by the Courts, no financial or material support is received from any of them, nor from any other State entity. The Home is sustained through the donations of altruistic people who collaborate with provisions, clothes and shoes.

All girls are provided with food, education, health, recreation, psychological and spiritual accompaniment, training and clothing.


"Healing wounds with love and hope."

The home started, according to the words said by the Sisters “By the Work and Grace of the Holy Spirit”, since it was not contemplated among the plans of our beloved Congregation, but it was in the Plans of God.

The work started in the year of 1995 when a 10-year-old girl ran away from her house and knocked on the Convent’s door looking for shelter.  The girl was orphan from her father and she was victim of violence from her stepfather and her mother, who one year later was murdered in her house.  The decision made by the Sisters was hard, but they couldn’t abandon her, so they informed the Civil National Police -PNC- [By its acronym in Spanish], and the girl was incorporated into the Convent.

Step by Step, girls from different communities arrived, victims of intrafamily violence, until 1998, they reached 80 girls.  All of them lived in the Postulant’s house from the Congregation, a small house that accommodates 120 people, without any help but their faith and charity.  Between the years of 1998 and 2003, altruist people and institutions, national or European, donated a two-block piece of land and built a two-story-building so the Sisters and the girls could live.

The Home has gradually been developed, and at present, it shelters around 110 girls (population that may change according to the incomes and expenses given throughout the months).  The ages vary from 0 to 24 years of age.  The girls come from Jalapa, but also from other departments from the country such as Zacapa, Alta Verapaz, El Progreso, Chiquimula, San Marcos, Sololá, Jutiapa, Santa Rosa, Izabal, Guatemala, etc.  A high percentage of the girls are referred by the different Child and Teenagers Courts of Guatemala, however, we do not receive any support from the Government.

It is also worth mentioning that the Home has a very important social work, not only from Jalapa, but also nationally, since it has granted education to all the girls from pre-school, elementary school, secondary school and high school, having a great number of girls who have completed their studies in the careers of teaching, accounting, bachelor, among others.  As of 2016, we have started to support university studies.

Our Purpose

To prepare the girl and the teenager in such a manner that her incorporation into the society be effective and efficient, competent and updated, being this achieved through academic studies, recreative, spiritual and psychological counselling that the Home grants each one.


To transform the hard history that has marked the girls and teenagers, healing and overcoming the lived traumas, and to incorporate them into society in the most suitable possible manner, as women who give and share with others their example of life and work of what has been received from God and the Home that has protected them.


To shelter, protect, feed, educate, train and grant health to girls and teenagers victim from intrafamily, physical, emotional and psychological violence, who are in a situation of abandonment, physical violence, rape, incest and extreme poverty, and who get into our institution looking for love, peace and happiness.

We are a big family who wants to shelter and offer the girls who suffer, a warm environment where they breathe and live the real love to God and others.